26 Instagram & Facebook video ideas for boutiques

25 video ideas for your boutique

Video is king.

Have you heard that lately and thought – no thanks? Not for me. Not my face. I don’t have the skills…

Yeah, I get it. Been there, said that. But there are so many ways you can create video content easily (and even without your face) to stand out from a saturated market.

l’ve always known the importance of video and have created many forms of it over the years for the American Heart Association and other businesses, but Live Video is newer and not something I had experience with.

Cue in my business and live video coach, Coach Glitter. She has also taught me that our Facebook content should be at least 75% video.

So are you missing the mark?

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I have some great tips for you to rock out your Facebook and Instagram with these 26 easy-to-create video ideas.

1. Showcase different ways to wear a product

One of the benefits of being a boutique owner is automatic style cred. Tap into that! Be a resource to your customers for style ideas, and showcasing how to wear your product is an easy way to bring in more (and more) sales.

2. Share a slideshow of graphics featuring an upcoming in-store event

An easy way to create buzz and hit the video sharing goal is to create a quick slideshow of your event graphic, a past event photo, some product and an interior boutique shot. Done!

3. Create a montage of photos from a past event

Don’t forget the buzz after, especially if you host events often. You can easily create a video slideshow of your top photos. Bonus points: invite people to tag themselves and those they know.

4. Share your current top 5-10 sellers

Not only is this an easy way to showcase your product, but you are directly calling out products that people already love! Chances are your customers will comment how much they love their items and tag their friends. Encourage that too!

5. Show off a material, pattern or product detail

This is a given for photos, but think about the impact of this on video! Snap a quick 10 second clip or Boomerang of a close-up and see the engagement come rolling in.

6. Host a live Q&A with your audience

I’m such a fan of live videos, and a Q&A is a great way to engage your audience and attract new people. Ask for questions ahead of time to prep and promote your upcoming live video!

7. Educate your audience with style tips

From experience, women love style tips. Mine generally bring most of my engagement on my Facebook page, and I always mix it up between photos, graphics, boomerangs and video. You can be a “talking head” and share a tip, or take a quick video of your tip while talking behind the scenes.

8. Host a giveaway on video

Why just post a graphic? Make your giveaway even funner with a live drawing!

9. Share your customer’s content or showcase customers trying things on

Sharing your customer’s photos & videos is amazing and adds so much klout to your boutique. See if a customer will pose for a quick Boomerang. You can even hire a model and schedule those out over the course of a few days or weeks. Online only? Encourage your customers to post their own and tag you, then you can re-share.

10. Get behind the scenes moments on video

Some of my best quick clips have been moments of my life, and my audience just eats it up. One of my top video clips recently is sitting in the Target parking lot as I “run away” during toilet training. Makes you giggle, right? Yup, so did everyone else – and you should be sharing more charming moments like this!

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11. Capture your office/boutique view for the day

Are you in a charming downtown square? Does your view include palm trees/rivers/cactus/kids playing? Share how you find inspiration in your daily view, or anything else as it pertains to your space and personality!

12. Hit that record button next time you’re at market

I love seeing boutique bosses go live or share clips of them shopping at Market. I wish I was there, but it also makes me want to hop on over to their boutique to see what’s new.

13. Share your next fitting room try on session

Your audience will LOVE this. If it freaks you out, try it on a mannequin or even hire that model again!

14. Open up a must-read or book you’re currently reading and share why it is making an impact on your life

Don’t keep your personality out of your brand. This is such an easy way to show glimpses of your personal brand without feeling uncomfortable being too raw.

15. The difference an outfit can make with shoes/belt/jewelry

I love when I see a boutique owner model a maxi dress and add elements to it like a belt, then a hat then jewelry. Think of all the items in your boutique to change up the look and talk about them, too! You can accomplish two things here – people will want to purchase that item to match everything they already have in their closet (they love a good deal with items they have) OR they will want to buy all the things so they can recreate all the amazing outfits with a few pieces!

16. A gift you just received

Yeah, that simple. Handmade card from your kiddo? Flowers from your hubby? Thoughtful little something from a friend? Share them all. Talk about how thankful you are. Everyone wants to feel warm and fuzzy.

17. How you serve your customers

Do you do something special for your customers? I order from a lot of online boutiques and they usually include beautiful packaging, on-brand tissue paper or a little thank you note. Show off your amazing customer service in a sneak peak video!

18. An inside look at your boutique after a big sale/event

Absolute chaos? Walk around and capture it all.

19. Your self care routine

Our society loves the idea of self care, whether they partake or not. Tap into something that is popular and share a snippet of what it looks like for you.

20. Your best productivity tools

Always serve your audience. It isn’t just about product slinging. Sharing tips on productivity (because you probably do this already) is a great way to increase engagement.

21. A quick video cleaning your boutique’s floors/bathroom/cash wrap (it’s so real)

People love real life, even the down-and-dirty. Think of reality shows out there. Sure, you aren’t a celebrity, but online people still care what you’re up to. Make it funny and you’ll be amazed at the response!

22. A day at the beach/lake/mountains/spa

I know, you’re a business owner and that probably means you never get time away. But if you do, make sure to share! I recently went on a woman’s retreat and repurposed my Instagram stories to create this video. Nothing to do with my business, but so fun to share!

23. A live interview with another boss babe or someone in the fashion industry

A collab is amazing because you get to bring in a new audience and help a fellow small business owner out with their audience. Plus bringing in new expertise, too! That is serving your audience.

Check out my latest collab interview, all about marketing tips for boutiques.

24. Outfit choices for an upcoming event

Whether you are planning to attend an event (networking, wedding, baby shower, whatever!) or maybe your town has a special event coming up, throw some outfits together and get those votes rolling in!

25. Tap into holidays – popular and funny!

Ever heard of coffee appreciation day? Share your favorite way to brew. Top hat day? Style it! You get the idea…

26. Are you amazing at something? Think outside of the box and serve your audience!

– Are you a master packer? Share packing hacks with your audience!
– Do you meal plan like a boss because you’re such a busy boss babe?! Share your tips!
– Do you have an amazing skincare routine that keeps you looking fabulous under those florescent lights? Share it!
– Does your boutique have the best decor / displays in town? Mmm hmmm, highlight your amazing decor tips.
– Do you have a jewelry organizing hack? Girl, share it! (send that to me too, I need it!)

I am a self proclaimed idea junkie, so these easily flowed onto “paper” as I wrote this for you. What do you think – ready to take baby steps to building your video marketing?

Remember these tips aren’t to add more things to your plate or cause overwhelm, they are simply easy ideas for you to add to your content strategy. Video will help you increase engagement, and ultimately bring in more customers and sales.

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If you want to dive deeper into a few of these tips (with some HOW-TO too!), check out this Facebook live:

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