40 gifts for his 40th!

40 gift ideas for his 40th Birthday

This post was updated in April 2018.

I discovered a few years ago what I always pretty much knew – gifts are my love language. The good thing is it is not just receiving (although I love that too!). I love to give – I find true joy in finding a thoughtful, perfect gift for those I love. So it was a super easy decision to give my husband 40 gifts for his big milestone of turning 40!

While gifts are not really important to Mi Amor, I think he truly appreciated the fun of opening all the gifts, plus many were practical or things he loves. There was no way I could do 40 expensive gifts, so it was a big mix! I gave him the choice of when to open the gifts, and he settled on 10 every day we were on our getaway in San Antonio (we were there 4 days!).


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To help inspire anyone else who may want to do a lot of gifts, I thought I would share what I gave him. There was no order behind my strategy, but I tried to include a lot of random stuff he loves.

Happy Hour at the Drury Hotel San Antonio

Here you have it: 40 gifts for his 40th birthday!

  1. 12-pack of Dos Equis with Michelada mix
  2. Billboard Top Hits: 1977
  3. Keurig reusable coffee filter
  4. Sprezzabox
  5. Cassette tape sticky notes
  6. Silicon popcorn maker
  7. Harry’s men’s shave gel
  8. A box with 40 dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses and a tag that reads “40 kisses for my love”
  9. Anchor crew socks
  10. iFocus productivity planner
  11. Leaf liner socks (similar)
  12. Party in a box (birthday boy badge, birthday plates, cups, party hats, blowers)
  13. Papa Smurf Pez dispenser
  14. Puma boxer briefs
  15. SWAGO on-the-go cologne wipes
  16. Local beef jerkey
  17. Artwork with Jeremiah 29:11
  18. 40 memories written on 40 heart-shaped cards and envelopes (I picked mine up on Clearance at Michael’s, but these are super cute too!)
  19. Trail Mix
  20. Grillin’ & Chillin’ outdoor sign (similar)
  21. KONOV men’s cross prayer bracelet
  22. Shutterfly photo cube
  23. Organic basic tee (similar)
  24. Star Wars pen (Got mine at a local shop but found this cool version on Amazon)
  25. Mini bottle of champagne
  26. DIY painting by our toddler
  27. Starbucks GC
  28. Cuisinart BBQ thermometers set
  29. Old Navy Oxford shirt
  30. Whataburger vintage cap
  31. Birthday card with lotto tickets and a hand written letter
  32. Pack of gum
  33. Whataburger gift card
  34. Then, 7 individually wrapped items from the Amazon Men’s grooming sample box (which made 40 gifts!)

Needless to say, it sure made for a fun surprise! The rest of our trip was amazing – totally relaxing! We didn’t make any official plans, other than eating some good food, so we were able to spend a lot of time in our room just laying in bed. It’s a luxury we remember all too well pre-baby!

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I’ll also add that our stay was incredible, and I recommend the Drury Plaza to anyone staying in San Antonio. We were able to walk everywhere, it was clean and the amenities were fantastic. In addition to free breakfast (which we only made once) they host a “kick-back” where every guest is given up to 3 free alcoholic drinks, unlimited snacks, soda and coffee. It was our best hour spent daily!

The hotel also had an indoor pool with a nearby balcony facing the San Fernando Cathedral, as well as an outdoor pool and jacuzzis on the 23rd floor. That was the best way to soak after a long day, and we took full advantage on day 1!

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Have you ever done any creative gift giving? Let me know in the comments!


Looking for a creative gift idea for your husband or partner? Here are 40 gift ideas (starting at cents) for his 40th birthday! #gift #giftsforhim #birthday #giftidea #husband
For my husband's 40th birthday I wanted to do something unique (and on a budget) so I pulled together 40 gifts from my heart! From DIY to change to high-end, here's all 40 gifts to help you with ideas! #giftguide #giftsforhim #hubby #birthday #giftideas
40 gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend's 40th Birthday! #giftsforhim #giftguide #birthday
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