5 easy fashion tips, no matter your style

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Deep down in my core, I love helping women feel beautiful. Seeing a client revel in the way they look when trying on an outfit they would have never picked out on their own is pure joy. So today I wanted to share five easy tips to help any women feel instantly fashionable!

Whatever your personal style may be (because that is what I am all about – owning your own style) these five tips are sure to help on those “I don’t have anything to wear” days. Yup, we all have them!

Five fashion tips for all women, no matter your style.

Find clothing that fits properly and is flattering to your figure.

Some women find it really hard, especially because we are all built so differently. Not to mention no brand is the same in their sizing/fit. If you have the budget, invest in having your favorite or capsule pieces tailored. It will make such a difference in how you feel and look!

Otherwise, try different styles and brands to find your perfect fit. There will always be options out there, but it takes a little more hunting. If you ever need help in this area, you can always reach out to me!

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Tie-in your outfit with shoes and accessories.

I love a bold shoe. I share my love of shoes often and don’t shy away from unique colors and designs. Especially as a plus size girl, I have always gone to shoes when clothes disappoint me. They can add a pop of color to a boring outfit, tie-in a muted color in a dress or take a casual outfit to date-night (or vise versa).

Same applies to statement jewelry, hats, scarves and other accessories. In fact, I share all about simple ways to take a few accessories (and a pair of leggings)  from playdate to girls night in this Facebook live video.

Ask yourself: “Can I wear this item at least three ways?”

Challenging, right? You should ask yourself this question every time you are tempted to buy something. This garment should be able to be worn at least three ways or with at least three items already sitting in your closet.

The only way this rule doesn’t apply, is if you are purchasing a full outfit or special occasion wear (cause seriously, when will you wear that gala gown again?)

I am really purposeful in what I buy. Sometimes it is as simple as a top will go great with jeans and leggings, done. Other times, a dress may go awesome with a pair of my shoes, a blazer and some statement earrings. Get creative – but this will help weed out those one-off buys that will sit in your closet forever with the tags still on them. I don’t know about you, but those garments give me major anxiety!

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Look ma! No bra! Sheer Slip | Macy’s Dress (similar)
Make sure to always wear the right fitting undergarments.

Girls, I can’t say this enough. Wear the right undergarments!! Your bra/cami/panties/faja serve as the foundation to your style masterpiece. Don’t skimp out on this.

Did you know I offer free bra fittings? In-person and virtually. If you want in on that, send me an email or private message. Every woman deserves to feel stunning and have the right fit foundation.

Always wear a bra (or a Cami like me – bra-free for nearly three years!) that gives you lift and support. Nothing like low-hanging breasts and a slouching back to automatically make you look like you have no confidence.

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And always remember… Black is always a great choice!

When you don’t have time, feel like you have nothing to wear or just don’t want to be around people, black is best. Black is always classic and in-style. It is flattering and chic. But don’t let this be your permission to wear black all the time. Color is life! But black is your perfect “I’m having a fat day” go-to.

There ya have it. Five simple fashion tips that are great for all women. So make sure to share this with your moms, sisters and friends!

For more on these tips, check out my Facebook live video (and don’t forget to let me know you watched!):

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Can you believe this girl isn't wearing a bra? Sharing 5 easy fashion tips, including having the best fitting bra (or Cami). #FashionTips #style #Shapewear #brafree #hacks #tips
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10 thoughts on “5 easy fashion tips, no matter your style

  1. I wear black so often since I think it’s friendliest to a plus size body. I’ve got to be less afraid of color though. That red top really brightens your face.

    1. Thank you, Marcia! I totally relate, I used to stick to black because it slenderizes. When I discovered color (and the ones that look best on me) my whole outlook on fashion changed. Color may be a good goal for 2019! 😉

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