5 social media tools you need for your small business

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in your marketing efforts? I’ve been there! And it still happens. But, I am all about efficiency when it comes to my work and work hard to avoid burnout. So I’ve pulled together my absolute favorite and free(ish) 5 social media tools you need for your small business.

And with efficiency and time in mind, let’s dive right in!

Mostly everyone has caught onto this trend, but I’m here to tell you it is SO MUCH MORE. I’ve been using Canva since it first launched and I use it for almost every aspect of my business. I create all my graphics, business templates, workbooks for clients, website buttons, video elements, logos and even printed my business cards directly in Canva! And with a Pro account, I am able to use elements that are exclusive to professional accounts. If you need help getting started in Canva, shoot me a message! I’d love to help.

Google Sheets
This is the EASIEST way to keep track of your content calendar and track analytics. Google Sheets is a cloud-based, collaborative online spreadsheet (cousin to Excel). In fact, I always give my Social Media Edit clients free Google Sheet templates to make their lives easier. You can access and edit your sheets on a computer or your phone. It’s a great tool for any small business for many things too – I also use it to track mileage and expenses.

From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies, Trello is the visual way for teams to collaborate. This is my absolute favorite content calendar system. While Google Sheets is more basic, I’m all about aesthetics. I need pretty things to keep my creativity going and Trello solves that for me perfectly! When I had a team under me, it was quick and easy to throw ideas, actionable items and set calendar dates on all our boards. I used Trello with a client this summer for the first time and she loved it.

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If you are making videos, you 100% need to be using CapCut. It is the easiest tool I have ever used for video – and I’ve been creating and editing videos since 2012! I do all mine on my phone, but they also have a desktop version. It is very user-friendly and has so many elements I have yet to uncover!

Content insights are right at your fingertips. You can search for ideas, see what’s working to create high-performing content and even identify influencers in your niche. I have only scratched the surface, but there is a LOT of opportunity here for businesses. BuzzSumo is the best tool for discovering what works for your audience.

What do you think of these social media tools for your small business? Are you using any of them, or ready to start on a particular one? I’d love to hear from you!


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