Hola, chicas! I am a Marketing Communications Consultant, Content Creator, Latina Lifestyle Blogger, and the founder of Café y Conexión.

Women and community are at the core of everything I do. I love focusing on helping women (especially mamas) find confidence and reach their untapped potential.

I am a proud Latina born and raised in Texas. San Antonio is currently home, and I am a first-generation American (and Texan!) on my father’s side. Rumor has it that Mexico became Texas for my mother’s ancestors.

Don’t you love the camera time stamp? Sometimes we forget life before camera phones.

Growing up in a small South Texas town, I have always craved an extraordinary life. So, I did the most out-of-the-box thing I could think of and ran off to New Zealand after college graduation. From skydiving, to island hopping, to living in a van – it was my best year yet.

Now the real fun has begun! I am a wife & mamá to two amazing boys (plus three furbabies). I love helping women boost their confidence in business, life, and style. Oh, and now I have too many shoes to fit in a van.

This is my life

One last thing…with nearly two decades of PR, marketing and content creating experience, it’s with the same professionalism and drive that I approach my brand and this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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