Personal Styling Services

Lisa Alfaro is reinventing the shopping experience by inspiring women to feel confident, reach their untapped potential and love who God created them to be.

Working closely with clients to discover their perfect fit and style, Lisa begins with their wardrobe foundation. The very first thing they slip into serves as the primer to their masterpiece and Lisa’s award-winning Cami will help women look and feel better in everything they love (or hate) in their closet!

Whether a one-on-one private appointment, virtual styling or a girls-night-in with friends, Lisa is determined to help women celebrate their confidence and step out in style!


Free consultation

Initial consultations are always free, whether in-person or via video chat. Lisa will discuss your personal style, goals and struggles to determine next steps and budget.

Free personal (anti) bra fitting

Whether you are interested in personal stylist services or solely Lisa’s #BralessLikeABoss products, she always offers free bra fittings. Lisa will bring her samples so you can also try the shapewear items in the comfort of your home. This service is always free.

Lisa Alfaro: Gifts for the holiday hostess

Wardrobe Edit

Full closet but still nothing to wear? Lisa will help you create outfits from your existing wardrobe, organize your closet, get you started on a fashion app and help you decide what to keep, donate and sell.

Shopping Excursion

Every woman deserves to have her own personal stylist! Based on your personal style and budget, Lisa will pull together a new wardrobe (or special occasion pieces) at local boutiques and department stores. Then, shopping!

Lisa will help you learn to shop smart, pick investment pieces and create multiple outfits from key capsule pieces.

Style Delivered

Based on your style and budget, all shopping will be done without you having to leave the house! Your new clothes are delivered to you, and your personal styling takes place in the comfort of your own home. Lisa will manage returns and exchanges, included in your price.

Virtual Styling & Shopping

Whether you need a wardrobe edit, vacation outfits or special occasion wear, Lisa will help create a shopping list for you based on your personal style, body type and budget. From the comfort of your own home, she will thoughtfully curate outfit ideas for you to browse, with quick links to buy any items of your choice. Then just wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.

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