The best baby registry and what to add to your registry

The Best Baby Registry

Things sure have changed in the gift-giving game with baby registries – and by gifts I’m talking about the free gift you get when you start your registry, mama!

I have a lot of experience with this as I used to be the local marketing specialist for Babies “R” Us in the Rio Grande Valley. Even in the last 4.5 years since Jericho was born, the swag sure has gotten better!

When I started doing my research for baby registries for Baby Canaan this time around, I was pleasantly surprised to see the amazing free gifts and perks I received, and today I want to focus on the awesomeness that is the Amazon Registry.

Here are the perks that made this mama super stoked:

✨ Free welcome box gift (I share what I received later this post!)
✨ Completion discount

Just before baby’s scheduled arrival, registrants will receive two 15% off coupons to redeem on items that remain on their lists.

✨ Diaper fund

Friends and family can contribute to a diaper fund instead of purchasing tangible gifts. This is especially awesome if you already have baby items or if this isn’t your first baby.

✨ Diaper discount

Receive 20% off eligible diaper purchases in your baby’s 1st year when you reach $500+ in products purchased from your baby registry. If you utilize subscribe & save this can go up to 40% off!!

✨ Mobile registry

Access, edit and purchase from any device, anywhere.

✨ Best return policy

Gifts purchased from your baby registry are eligible for free returns within 365 days of the receipt of your shipment. Yup, you read that right! And the best part is you can easily take it to a UPS store or select Kohls stores and they pack & ship it for you.

✨ Fast, free shipping

Prime is always free (and you’ll get it in 1-2 days!), and if you’re not a Prime user many items have free shipping on orders over $25

Those are some perks I can get behind! I really loved the free gift box they sent too, and as I’ve mentioned it is the best swag bag I’ve seen over the years from any merchant.

Amazon Baby Registry items

Curious? Keep in mind they change these items and nothing is guaranteed in your box, but here’s what I received from my Amazon Baby Registry gift box:

1. Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle
2. Water Wipes
3. Philips Avent 4oz bottle
4. MAM Newborn Pacifiers
5. Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo
6. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
7. Philips Avent Disposable Breast Pads

Outfits from Amazon Baby Reigstry Box

8. Animal print onesie
9. Hanes long sleeve tee
10. Diaper samples from Honest brand

Pretty awesome, huh?! I especially love the onesie, diapers and swaddle!

I also wanted to throw in my suggestions on what to register for.  We got rid of tons of baby items when we moved, so I had to basically register for nearly everything.

These are my personal favorites, tried-and-true for my first baby and proving to be amazing for baby #2, too!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle: a personal fav for both my babies, especially for the first month when I had to supplement.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: We’ve used Puracy for years now, and I absolutely love their products…plus they are from Austin, TX so I get to support local! If you’re new to Puracy, try their gift set!

Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby Toddler Bath Tub: We didn’t have this one with Jericho (even tho we have the whole set!) but were gifted this tub with Canaan and we absolutely love it.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill: We didn’t do a bassinet with Jericho, but this had the best reviews on Amazon and I am so glad we went with this option. Canaan has been a great sleeper (for the most part) since day 3, and I know this has been a huge help.

2 Pack Snug Fitted Cradle Fitted Sheets for Bassinet Pads/Mattress: Trust me, you need extra sheets. These are super soft and I love the prints.
Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier: This has been an awesome carrier! I used a Baby K’tan for Jericho, and while I still use it for Canaan occasionally I love this ring sling recommended to me by a baby carrying specialist.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP: We like a few different brands, but this zipper style happens to work best for both our sons. They have both little Houdinis and always escape out of just a swaddle blanket, so this ensures we sleep at night!

SleepingBaby Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition: These were a sleep savior for Jericho after he could roll over and we had to stop swaddling. I highly recommend SleepingBaby brand items!

4moms rockaRoo – Compact Baby Swing: From week 1, this has given me so much time back with Canaan. Between laundry, working, playing with Jericho and general chores, the rockaRoo is worth every penny. We had both this and a traditional swing with Jericho and he always preferred the rockaRoo, and this mama loves the minimalist design.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer: I’m not one to have tons of baby gear, but I do appreciate the essentials… especially in a two-story house. We use this bouncer daily while we prepare and have meals. This is a must!

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat: Every morning while I got ready for work and evening when we had dinner, Jericho would entertain himself in this. It is the perfect transition after swings and bouncers once kiddos can hold themselves up. We will definitely use this again for Canaan!

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack: I used a cute diaper bag for Jericho’s infant years and it was honestly a pain, I just couldn’t bear a backpack as a “fashionable mama.” Let me tell you – this is the BEST backpack ever and I still find it to be cute with my outfits. I love how everything fits and has a great place.

Munchkin Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer: Still using this diaper pail since 2015!

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat: Activity gyms are a must in our household! They are pricey but I love the hours of entertainment they provide. I truly believe both my sons are strong because I started tummy time from the beginning. Cannan, at 4 weeks old, already held his head for 30 seconds. This isn’t anything I know for sure, just a proud mama’s theory!

WubbaNub Brights Infant Pacifier – Baby Dino: Soothies are the pacifiers that our kiddos both took to, and I love the WubbaNub – especially for in the car. I especially love the Mary Meyer designs. We had three for Jericho (Ellie the elephant, Seymore the octopus and Rory the lion) and now have this dino for Canaan. I’m still brainstorming an awesome name, so if you have one let me know!
Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream by Earth Mama: This will be a lifesaver for your nipples. And since it has no flavor I also used it for my extremely chapped lips after birth.

aden + anais Classic Burpy Bib: I love multi-purpose items, and these bibs have been a favorite of ours for years. Both a bib and a burp cloth, the thick material holds spit-up and projectile baby vomit. With both our sons’ tummy issues, these have been a win.

Honest Diapers: Last, but certainly the top of our “must have” list is diapers. We were so blessed to have a friend that threw a diaper raffle for us at our shower, so we got hooked up with tons. We lovingly accept any diapers, but Honest is our family’s go-to and what we personally purchase. Don’t forget wipes, too!

Other baby must-have items to register for:
✨ HelloBaby Baby Monitor
✨ Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat
✨ Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller
✨ aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket
✨ Luvable Friends Receiving Blankets
✨ Boon Bundle Feeding Set
✨ Infantino Grow-with-Me 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair
✨ Baby Basics Care Kit by FridaBaby
✨ Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib
✨ Haakaa Manual Breast Pump
✨ Extra crib sheets
✨ DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider
Amazon eGift Card

If you have questions about any of these, please feel free to drop it in the comments or shoot me an email. We gotta stick together and help each other out, mamas!

One last tip: check out the Daily Deals on Amazon for baby items, this has come in handy for me purchasing must-have’s all the time! I just got $10 off Honest wipes this week and with three boxes, that is a total score!

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The best baby registry by a mom of two
The best baby registry + what to register for
Your ultimate guide for your baby registry plus free swag
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  1. Those all look like great items to put on a registry. I love seeing all the new baby stuff that is out! Gear has definitely changed since I had my kids.

  2. I’m so glad the times have changed to adopt all these idea’s and that the day’s of getting 50 baby blankets are GONE, lol! Not that I didn’t mind getting baby blankets, but who needs more than 3 or 4, ya know? I think I literally got 10 when my son was born, lol.

  3. Wow! You found so many amazing deals! It’s really helpful to know about free gifts and discounts – it’s so expensive to have a baby!

  4. Loved those Tommee Tippee bottles for my youngest! As the third we didn’t do a baby registry for her. So many great options have popped up between the time I had my first to the time I had my third!

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