What’s in my diaper backpack: toddler edition

I’ve fought this whole diaper bag thing for a while. I totally embraced it when my kiddo was an infant, but just didn’t see the point in investing in another bag after he was running around and soon-to-be toilet trained.

My last diaper-friendly bag broke and I was using a regular handbag…which is just not good when you frequent the park.

Then a few things happened to open my eyes on how a new diaper bag would be a really good investment (and how badly I needed one):

  • My kiddo leaked all over when he had a LOT to drink one day at the park, and had no extra change of clothes
  • All my toddler cups leaked in a loose bag, they needed sturdy pockets
  • When snacks run out, meltdowns happen…my bag only could hold so much
  • And like I said, my strap broke on my last bag
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So I went on a shopping mission, my favorite kind. I needed a bag…
  • That would be light and easy to carry
  • Has lots and lots of pockets and compartments
  • Has a wetbag
  • Has some insulation
  • Has an easy pocket for my cell phone
  • Was easy to rummage through
  • Feminine yet unisex
  • Trendy, but afforadable

It was a tall order. And after lots of research (and a few girlfriends with backpacks) I decided to get a backpack. I never really considered myself to be one to use a diaper backpack, but have you read about my super hyper, active toddler boy? Yup, sometimes this mama has to run fast and at the drop of a hat.

After a lot of research, review reading, internet stalking and picture viewing I finally picked my bag.

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Y’all – this bag is legit. It is 5X lighter than any bag I’ve used (diaper or otherwise) and it holds so much more.

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So, for those of you wondering what you should pack for an active toddler that isn’t toilet trained yet, here are my suggestions:

All of this, fits into this one light and chic bag. And there’s tons of room for more.

Best part is the price, this awesome diaper backpack is less than $40. Who needs a designer $120 bag? Not me. And this one is hubby approved.

Do you carry anything different in your bag? I love hearing about other’s ideas!

After using several bags, including an expensive diaper bag, I finally found the BEST bag out there. I break it all down for you on my blog post - spoiler alert: you can fit everything in it and it's super light!! #diaperbag #mom #momlife #toddler
Even my husband loves our new diaper backpack. And it fits everything with tons of pockets. Perfect for an active toddler and parents! #dad #mom #toddlerlife #backpack #baby” width=”735″ height=”1102″ />
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10 thoughts on “What’s in my diaper backpack: toddler edition

  1. How Cool! I seriously wish that I had a backpack type of bag when my daughter was little, It’s so hard to carry everything, because those Diaper Bags never ever stay on your shoulder.. LOL! I love the color you picked too!! Super Cute!

    1. Girl, for real! I was so tired of it falling that I started to just leave my bag in the car. Then the real chaos came! Glad they make these backpacks look chic now!

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