The best leggings and three totally different ways to style them

I never thought I’d be a leggings person, but I am totally rockin’ them this year (and most of 2017). Running from playdate to other activities, and sometimes a date night or girls night, I was on the hunt for some great capsule pieces last May.

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When I discovered these leggings I was set – it took playdate to date night to a whole new level. (I remember when my life was work to date night…ha!) In all the photos I am wearing the Ankle Leggings, but I love every other pair I’ve tried from Ruby Ribbon.

So my date night look is easy and classic, paired with these adorable leopard wedges from Haute Tots Boutique. If you join their Facebook Group you’ll be the first to know about specials, and they ship too!

I wore these same leggings earlier in the day while we ran errands and played with BabyCoolJ. I love the athleisure look, and while I normally pair my leggings with chunky sweaters, I think sweater weather is long gone!

And to keep it comfortable yet chic, I love pairing my Ruby Ribbon Leggings with my favorite pair of Jessica Simpson flats. Perfect for Spring!

When I started working with Ruby Ribbon (despite using their Camis for 2 years) I finally gave in and tried their leggings. Ladies, these are the BEST. They are made really well, are a thick material (no show) and have shaping built right into them. It’s the real deal. And they come in sizes XS – 3XL!

These leggings made me realize they could actually be pants! And I don’t have to give up style, either. Or pair them with only tunics.

Are you pro-leggings, or on the side of “leggings aren’t pants?” I’d love to hear your thoughts!




The best leggings and how to style them | #leggings #fashiontips #styletip
3 ways to style leggings | #leggings #howto #styletip
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24 thoughts on “The best leggings and three totally different ways to style them

  1. Leggings are 100% pants and you’re rocking them. I looooove wearing a comfy pair of leggings so I’m excited to give these a look. You look fab in all your pics and I love your shoes too. <3 Jamie

  2. Leggings are a key element to my mum-wardrobe! They’re just so comfortable while running around the place. I love be blue top you’re rocking in the third lot of pics too!!

  3. These looks are adorable! I love leggings so much. I probably have more leggings in my closet than I do actual pants. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing haha but they’re just so universal! They’re so easy to dress up or dress down depending on my mood that day.

  4. You make those leggings look super stylish. I love your shoe & legging combos! Definitely love how you can dress them up or dress them down just with a few fun accessories. Really cute 🙂

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