#TargetStyle dress you can wear year-round (and it comes in plus, too!)

You know that moment when you weren’t looking for anything in particular and happen upon one of your favorite new pieces ever?!! That’s why I love Target, they make it all possible. Being a plus size girl adds to the cute factor challenge. I take pride in the clothes I buy and how to wear them with confidence.

After being cooped up a few days, we decided to take a last minute Target run with our 2-year-old. It’s been pretty chilly for Texas, so of course we started at Starbucks. The line was crazy, and any mamas out there know lines and toddlers do not mix!

Even though we had a list in hand, I ventured over to the clothes while Mi Amor was busy….<wink, wink!>. And low and behold, the prettiest dress I could have ever imagined was sitting pretty on a sales rack. The size was larger than I normally wear, and there was no stretch to it, but I threw it in the basket anyway. Even BabyCoolJ said “oh, pretty!”

Mi Amor encouraged me to try it on, so I did. I was in shock….this dress fit like a glove. It was made for me, like it had been tailored to my body! It was love at first sight, and a lasting love I am sure!

The top 5 things I love about this dress:

  1. It can be worn year-round (sheer sleeves make it a great option in warm weather!).
  2. It comes in both misses and plus sizes.
  3. The sleeve details are on-trend and beautifully frilly, but the overall style can get away with being timeless.
  4. It’s a “mini dress” so it fits my 5’3 frame perfectly
  5. It’s less than $40!

And really the best part is wearing it year-round. I will love pairing this with my nude peep-toe wedge booties in the spring, and coral strappy heels in the summer. That’s a great wardrobe piece to score!

Who. What. Wear. Tired Ruffle Cuff Mini Dress

What’s your most recent #TargetStyle score?




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