Keeping my family well during Cold & Flu season with Physician 360

At Home Strep Test

You know that moment you are really sick but the last thing you want to do is go to a doctor’s office?

Yeah, me too. Especially with a toddler. I am convinced if he or I need to go to the doctor, we will both catch something else. I’m just not down with that!

Days after Christmas, Jericho and I both came down with a cough. He got it, then I got it, then he was better, then I, then we both caught it again. I was convinced it was strep….because without meds it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Then I discovered at-home strep and flu tests. But, my friends, it is not just a test. The test also comes with a virtual physician consult. And, it only takes 5-minutes. And, it is super easy to use with step-by-step instructions.  And, the consult comes with a prescription if needed.

Did you catch that? In the comfort of my home, I get quick, accurate test results with a physician consult included. And, if I test positive, I’ll get a prescription written too.

Because of Physician 360 (and other delivery services like grocery and food!), my life has just become a little easier. And what mom couldn’t use that?

So after the back-and-forth of getting sick, I knew it was time to take the test. Since I had no fever or severe symptoms I knew I could rule the Flu out, but Strep likes to make its rounds in my household every year.

Taking the test was really easy. The package comes with step-by-step instructions, and there is also a video online to watch (which is always a preferred method for me!). I was a little worried about the discomfort – because who likes to touch their tonsils?! – but I was pleasantly surprised (and a little irritated) to know that it can be done without being unbearable….unlike the nurses always make me feel. I also used my gag trick, which saves me anytime I have to do something that induces my very easy gag reflex.


Then, I just had to wait five minutes.

Okay, so you are probably wondering – what is this miraculous hack to avoid gag reflexes? I picked it up in a Magazine years ago and it is amazing! Using your left hand, bend your thumb into your palm and apply pressure on your thumb with your pointer and middle fingers.

Did you try it? It sounds silly, but it really works!

Now you can take care of your flu or strep at home and never have a gag reflex again. Your welcome.

My test came back negative, so I was fortunate I didn’t have to speak with a physician. I did create an account to check it out, and the wait time was just 5 minutes with 4 doctor options. Can you say win-win?

I’m so excited to have a great option like Physician 360 for my family. I love our physicians, but if I can avoid going in during cold & flu season, you bet I am.

If you’re in the New Braunfels area, we are able to pick up our prescriptions at Gruene Road Pharmacy. Otherwise, while you can take the test anywhere, Physician 360 only offers physician consults in cities throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana, New York and Georgia. And the list keeps growing.

How are you fighting this season of illnesses?

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This is a sponsored post with Physician 360. All content and opinions expressed are truly my own. You may read my full disclosure here.

Two mom hacks for cold & flu season #momlife #toddler #hack #flu #wellness #newbraunfels
Keep your family well during cold & flu season #family #medical #flu #strep #momhack #motherhood #kids
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  1. Wow I had no idea at-home strep tests existed! Knock on wood I’ve never had to deal with that but it’s great to be able to self-diagnose at home!

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