7 thoughtful & practical gifts to give a new mom

7 thoughtful and practical gifts for a new mom
First time Tia Ray Ray and BabyCoolJ met, circa 2016

This week my oldest and dearest friend had her first baby! I received the news yesterday, so I immediately did what any long-distance girlfriend would do: ordered a few must-have items on Amazon Prime.

I have a 2 1/2 year old now, but those first three months I will never forget. They were brutal, and one of my biggest struggles and regrets was breastfeeding. It’s not what you think, though. I was unable to produce milk and refused to give up. I missed out on my baby’s first three weeks of life because I was so laser focused on connecting a tube, feeding, pumping and cleaning that I was utterly exhausted. Thankfully I overcame the struggle and my toddler is healthy and thriving, even though he never got but a few drops of my milk.

Amerytina with her newborn baby
Five days in and I’m more exhausted than I look!

All this to say, the struggle is real! But this post isn’t about all that, it is about the girlfriend that is reading this and trying to think of what to buy your brand-spanking-new mom friend.

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While I would have loved to put a basket together, my friend lives many miles away in Florida. So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite items for baby and mama (sorry, dads….happy wife, happy life, right?!) from Amazon Prime. Yay for 2-day delivery! And the entire order is less than $55.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I personally love.

Seven amazing and practical gifts to send your new-mom-friend:

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

Seriously, this is the best nipple butter ever. I was introduced to Earth Mama from my lactation consultant and I used this for EVERYTHING after breast feeding. I should probably buy more for my elbows and knees 🙂

On the Night You Were Born

We bought this book when BabyCoolJ was first born and it is still one of his favorites. Nancy Tillman writes and illustrates lovely books and I recommend them all. So sweet!

Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops

A friend that had her baby 3 months before I did put this into a gift bag and it was one of the best items I got. These help so much when your baby is crying and you just can’t figure out why! Definitely a must-have for any mom.

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Medela Contact Nipple Shields with Carrying Case

Remember those breast feeding struggles? Most moms go through one form or another. These nipple shields really help with all the pain. My lactation consultant recommended it, while another said not to use it. In my (non-expert) opinion, I say if you can’t bare it, go for it. You gotta be happy and healthy for your baby, so no guilt mama.

Orchard Valley Harvest Antioxidant Mix Multi Pack

Because….snacks. Girl’s gotta eat, so why not have some healthy, filling options? I have never been a big snacker, but about two weeks after baby came I was hungrier than I’ve ever been. Any snack will be a great gift for a new mom!

Boogie Wipes

I can’t remember when we started using these, but they are still a staple in our household. From a few dried boogers to full on colds, these suckers keep a baby’s delicate nose protected with the soft, wet texture. Perfect for sensitive skin, too – I use these when my nose can’t handle another Kleenex.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

If you’re a first time mom you know the struggle – choosing between showering or taking a quick nap. Naps won for me most of the time. Dry shampoo to the rescue! I used it more than usual, along with tons of hair ties. Batiste is one of my favorites because of the fresh scent, it doesn’t leave my hair white or flaky and it is affordable! It’s definitely a thoughtful addition for a mom in the thick of it.

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Best part about this list is most of the items will be there in one-day! And what new mom doesn’t want to be showered with a few thoughtful gifts?!

I’d love to know – what is on your list of must-haves for new moms?

7 thoughtful and practical gifts for a new mom | #giftguide #newmom #newborn #giftsforher
7 thoughtful & practice gifts to give a new mom from Amazon Prime | #baby #newborn #gift #amazon
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  1. You little one is adorable! I have 3 baby showers I will be attending in the next month, so your post came at the perfect time. Thanks.

  2. The dry shampoo is an absolute life saver! My youngest is 4 and I STILL don’t wash my hair everyday (not because I don’t have time or am too exhausted to deal). I just started using that exact brand this year! The key is to not spray too close to your head or you’ll look like you’re greying! lol Learned that the hard way!

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