Boutique branding: Don’t make this mistake in your VIP Facebook Group

Chances are you have a Facebook group (and if you don’t, skip below to my additional tips). There is probably one huge mistake you are making with it right now…

Are you currently capturing emails in your new member screening questions?

You have the opportunity to ask 3 very valuable questions before anyone gains entry, and I highly encourage one of these to be about signing up for your email.

Here are two examples you can copy and paste right into Facebook today…

1. Drop your email below to receive exclusive discounts before anyone else.

(make sure this is true). And if you are thinking that this doesn’t apply, then it should. You need to be emailing your list with exclusive discounts before sharing in your Facebook Group. Sounds like more work? It is, but I guarantee you it will pay off in the end.

So many people don’t see your posts on Facebook. Not only that, but those posts can go away at any minute. More than likely you have experienced some sort of woes when it comes to doing business on Facebook. It’s because you don’t own it.

But you do own your email list. Your subscribers will get your message directly in their inbox. Then, it is up to them to open it. Which is why engaging them, knowing what they want and great headlines will help.

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2. Sign up to receive 10% off your next order

Offering a coupon code works most of the time, and you can manipulate this to whatever you want. Free shipping, free gift, $10 off – the options are endless.

If you need help setting up those questions, feel free to contact me – I would be happy to walk you through that.

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And if this is something you are already doing, or you do not have a Facebook Group, I have two more tips for you! Check them out on my latest Facebook live video:

If you love these tips, let me know in the comments. Stay tuned for what to do next after you have those emails in your hand!

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Branding Tip: Are you asking for emails in your Facebook groups?
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