9 habits to help you be a happy and healthy mom

There are good habits…and there are the bad ones. The bad ones are always so easy to form and the hardest to kick. But I’m a glass-half-full kinda gal, so I wanted to share some tips to help inspire you to survive (and thrive!) in motherhood. Cause mamas, we gotta stick together and focus on those victories!

Here are 9 habits to help you be a happy and healthy mom:

When enough’s enough, ask for help.

I love spending all day with my toddler, but sometimes he has really, really bad days. I’m nearly in tears by the time my husband gets home and thankfully he is understanding and takes over. It is important it is for you to take time for yourself at the end of the day. Even if you need to put your child in their crib or room to give yourself a time out, take that moment. Sometimes just having a breather will help you be even more patient and kind the rest of the day.

Do things for yourself during nap or quite times.

I try so hard to stick to this. Often I find myself cleaning or tidying, but that is not what I mean here. I love when I take his nap time to blog, catch up on some binge-worthy TV or even nap. That last one is the hardest for me but reaps the most rewards!

Try to kick the clutter.

Okay, so I know I said not to clean during naps. And I still agree with that! But girl, we gotta keep our space clean-ish. Our house was so cluttered before we staged it to sell, and both BabyCoolJ and I thrived in the new environment. Having his clutter stored away and picking up throughout the day really helped both of our stress levels. I will say now that we are no longer staging I haven’t made my bed all week – and I am okay with that. Pick your own clutter battles!

Make mom friends. You need them and they need you.

Y’all, I can’t stress this enough! I’ve always loved having friends but I have never counted on them as much as since I’ve become a mom. When I was a working mom, I befriended working moms that were going through the same struggles. When I became a SAHM, I met other SAHM. We plan playdates, support each other and offer a shoulder anytime. More importantly, with a traveling husband, these friends have helped me through so much(Like that time my kiddo threw up in the car and wouldn’t go back into his carseat, and I had no wipes or towels!).

Gracious giving.

When we give to others, our hearts become so full. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I actually made meals for other moms during hard times and new births. And boy did it feel good! Your heart will become abundantly full by helping others and truly being there. And your kiddos are watching – so do it with a grateful heart and let them follow.

Shed that guilt.

Do not feel bad if you can’t do it all. I’ve been a working mom and a stay-at-home-mom, and let me tell you…you can’t do it all. And that is okay. The quicker you realize it, the better off you’ll be. Do your best, celebrate the victories, and don’t dwell on the fails.

Try to stick to routines and schedules.

Don’t be a stickler here, but having a weekly schedule and some routines will help you and your kiddo. Every Thursday is the same for us – we have breakfast with our closest friends and hang out till nap time. Then after dinner it’s movie night. He knows what to expect, and it is my least stressful day of the week!

On the flip side, try to prepare for anything and go with the flow.

Having a toddler means anything can happen. At any time. And sometimes without even a glimmer of notice! I find it best to mentally prepare myself for anything. If I ever go into a day, activity or plans with preconceived notions (even to how BabyCoolJ will handle something), it always goes quite different. I do better, and in turn handle the situations better, when I am prepared for anything.

And with that, enjoy every moment!

Time is so fleeting. Even through the thick of it, try to enjoy every moment. When my kiddo is sick he holds on to me tight, and I cherish those hugs. We just have to do our best to find the silver lining (although there is none with stomach bugs…just sayin’). Remember that your kiddo is growing up and every day, month and season comes new challenges, and the ones you are currently in will soon be of the past.

What are some habits you have formed to be a good mama? We can all use the tips!

9 habits to form today so you can be an awesome (and healthy & sane) mom! | lisaalfaro.com #mom #habits #momlife
9 habits to survive and thrive in motherhood | lisaalfaro.com #mommyhood #momlife #thrive
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12 thoughts on “9 habits to help you be a happy and healthy mom

  1. As a single mama, you really need a lot of patience and you need to full your heart with love and arms wide open and a hand full of strength. And those habits you have there are all on point!

  2. Thanks for these pointers, I agree with asking for help, I do that often, since most of the time, I’m all alone handling my kid as my husband has a touring job. DE cluttering is also something, I practise on a monthly level.

  3. I really need to work on the whole
    Mom friends thing! It’s tough making my friends. Dating was easier lol

    1. Dating is easier! I love all my mom-friends, and they are all new people in my life. Now I have to start over when we move next month…stay tuned for a post about that!

  4. I love top of the list “Ask for help” it’s so important to realize we are not alone in this. There are so many that are ready and willing to help when you need it.

  5. I loved your point about gracious giving. It is easy, especially when you’re home all day, to look around at your own mess and problems and want to just give up. Focusing on helping others not only blesses them, but helps me put things into better focus – the mess is not important in the long run. I’d rather my kids remember I was available to listen and play than that the house was always clean.

    1. Yes! Absolutely Sarah, it is so hard to get out of our space/heads sometimes. Makes all the difference to our kiddos, and, like you said, for us in the long run to let go.

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