See ya, paci: how we got our toddler to quit his pacifier

Anyone else relate to their toddlers acting like addicts in relation to their pacifier? My-oh-my, how my child is just like me! Thankfully we have weened him off…mostly. I hope to help you get your toddler to quit his paci too!

Here I am with a Paci. Legend has it I wasn’t weened off till 3.5ish.

The “addict” behavior really started when we weened him off. The pacis are kept in his crib and he will manage to get one out, suck on it hard for 30 seconds, then throw it back in. He even has shifty eyes and will give you his back just for those few glorious seconds.

I could go on about his funny behavior, but I know you are really here to learn how we weened him off his pacifier.

We didn’t do anything suggested on the internet (paci fairy, throwing it in garbage or flying off with a balloon, as examples), we found our own little way. Completely by accident.

We were really worried that it was going to be hard to wean him off because he has used Wubbanubs and Soothies since birth. He used them daily and almost all the time, with the exception of when we are away from home. They were great crutches for sleep time and car rides!

In September we took our first family trip to the Frio River. We rented one of those guest house rentals to stay for 4 nights, which was amazing (check out Frio Lodging for yourself). But, I am a bit of a germaphobe so the thought of BabyCoolJ and his paci all over that house gave me anxiety.

I decided to make the rule that on this trip he would only get the paci for naps and nighttime. The pacis stayed in his pack ‘n play and we explained that he was only allowed to have it when he slept. He even looked forward to his time with the paci, so that was a win for sleeping.

This was the best thing we could have ever done! It trained him, and by accident! With the new place and new rules it must have made sense to him, so he accepted the new rule. Best part is he never questioned it and the rules stuck after getting back from the trip.

So next time you’re planning a trip, give this a try! It was easier than we thought.  And even though he’ll grab it occasionally from the crib, he doesn’t throw any tantrums when we take it away (and I do give him his 30 seconds!). I call that a win.

The next challenge will be full separation of the paci, forever. I’m not there yet, but when we do it I will be sure to share!



We did it! We ot our toddler to quit his pacifier, and hope to help you out too with this advice!
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