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Y’all, life is so crazy right now. If you follow me on Instagram you know I decided to take a last minute trip to Dallas with my toddler. My parents were gracious enough to invite us to stay in their suite while my dad worked all week. With my husband traveling so much it was an easy decision….no cooking, cleaning or staging and REST? Sign me up!

We have had our home on the market for nearly 2 months. The last few weeks we have had on average two showings a day, and many are last minute. With the rain and cold weather BabyCoolJ and I spent a lot of time running to friends’ houses, sitting in front of a neighbor’s yard and one fun trip to IKEA.

As I write this I’m in Dallas, stranded-ish because of the flash flood weather. We could venture out but BabyCoolJ doesn’t even want to leave. So I’ve given in and am allowing him to watch TV in bed (he generally doesn’t watch much TV). My dad is at his office and my mom went out with her brother who lives nearby. So even though the weather isn’t ideal, we are totally making it worth it! I even ordered food from GrubHub (hey, you can get $7 off here!) and am anxiously awaiting our quesadillas.

I took a few days off from writing to spend quality time with my kiddo (and naps!!). I’ve put some thought into my site and readers {love you guys}, and have decided to make some changes. If you have stuck around here a bit you may know my schedule, as I try to always post three times a week about faith, family and fashion. I’m not one to be a rigid rule follower, but I do love a little structure. So, here it is…

This is what you can expect on

Mondays – faith (good way to start a week)
Wednesday – family (I’m in the thick of it, after all it is my work-week as a SAHM)
Friday – fashion (cause you can dive in & get inspired right before the weekend!)

I’ll also have lifestyle, cultura and marriage all sprinkled in on those days.

I hope you’ll continue to stick around. Drop me a line, let me know what you’d like to hear more about. And don’t forget to stay updated by signing up for my (non-spammy) email!

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11 thoughts on “Life update and new blog schedule

  1. Having a schedule is a really great idea, it gives you a focus and still allows for you to react to things around you – hope it all goes well x

    1. Thanks, Claire! I am hoping the new schedule works well, I used to post Mon, Thu and Sat and just didn’t have it in me for Saturdays. I’m sure it’ll be a good change!

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