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I haven’t shared a list of my loves since October, so I knew time was due! Originally I wanted to post this monthly, but #life. Funny thing is I had SO MUCH to share because November included birthday gifts, then December with Christmas. But, the benefit of waiting (aka procrastinating) is that I will only share the items I am still loving weeks later!

So, let’s dive in. Today I am sharing my most favorite fashion, beauty and mom products from November to January!

Dr.Koko Jade Roller

I’ve been wanting to jump on this bandwagon for some time now, and I was fortunate to be gifted this by my mom at Christmas. From what I have seen in comparison to other brands, this Jade Roller is one of the best (and under $20!). I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel and I have seen an improvement in my skin. This will always have a place in my beauty routine now! Now I just need to find an amazing serum-do you have one you love?


Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie 

This is one of my favorite accessories, especially with my busy mom life. When we go out to a playground of the children’s museum, I am able to listen to podcasts while keeping an eye on my kiddo….plus keep warm! PLUS I don’t look like a distracted mama with earbuds! It is a win-win. I purchased this for my hubby years ago on a Black Friday deal on Amazon, but they have some really cute designs (I have my eye on the pink one!) and totally worth checking out.

Sorry for the super down and dirty photo, but it is all about real life!
Studio 54 Leggings

Y’all, these leggings are life. And I’m not just saying that because I sell them. All my leggings are amazing because they have built-in shaping (hello booty, goodbye belly!) but the Studio 54 leggings add such an incredible element to a normally simple black pant. And yes, these guys are pants. They are thick, hide imperfections and are super comfortable!

Toms Rose Gold

I scored these beauties on sale at a local boutique in Gruene, but I couldn’t resist sharing them. I searched the interwebs to find you the best deal, and found these Rose Gold Toms on their website at 25% off.

Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner

I discovered Kristin Ess at Target when I needed “purple” shampoo and conditioner and have completely fallen in love with their products. The leave-in conditioner is my favorite because it is weightless and doesn’t make my hair oily, but gives it tons of hydration. Which is super important when you bleach your hair, plus I’ve added heat styling once a week (and was an air-dryer girl for years prior to that).

Denizen High Waisted Jeans

I picked up these same jeans but in a beautiful gray color at Target. They aren’t available online anymore, but the fit and comfort is fantastic. They are called a jegging, but have a zipper and pockets (which is important to me in denim).


Sheer Slip

No dress is complete without this underneath. Can you honestly tell me I look like I’m not wearing a bra?! And I’m a mama after all! This slip does it all – shaping (but comfortable), built-in bra (but uber supportive) and sexy (you’re welcome, partner). If you need help with sizing, I am happy to give you a free virtual fitting!

Calvin Klein Performance Asymmetrical-Hem Sweater

This is one of my favorite things I picked up with my birthday money (thanks Mom & Dad!). It is so warm and comfortable, but it doesn’t lack any style. The assymmetrical-hem is an unexpected feature, and it goes with so many of my leggings and jeans. And I found it for you on sale!

Glitzie Pixie Statement Earrings

I love a bold statement earring, and these are still my favorites that I scored during the fall. Seriously, I have a bit of an addiction to cute earrings. I found these at a local boutique in Boerne, and while you can shop online it appears they do not have their earrings up. So I did a little digging to find a few more of my favorites, all under $25…

And there ya have it! A few of my carefully crafted fashion & beauty favorites. And, as for my mom favorites, I already included these in my Toddler Gifts for Valentine’s Day post so you can check those out there!

Catch some of these live here:

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9 of my Favorite Fashion Beauty Items #fashion #beauty #favoritethings #selfcare #shop #style
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