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Can y’all believe it is already going to be November? This year has flown by – but I also look forward to this month for a few reasons! If you have hung out with me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I absolutely love the fall. So much to celebrate: the leaves changing, the quiet outdoors, cool breezes, pumpkins, light sweaters (hopefully – I am in Texas!) and it is my anniversary month!

We had an exciting October, although none of it went as planned. I had pumpkin patches and fall festivals scheduled for every weekend in October, but we were sidetracked along the way. After our 3-day trip turned into 2 weeks, our plans were set aside. But, the most amazing silver lining is I was able to get in a lot of online courses. I am a total nerd when it comes to personal development. Always a fangirl of conferences, I love that there is a plethora of information on the internet. It can be information overload, but when you find the best coach for you and your brand, it is like getting front row seats to your favorite concert! Goals, goals, goals here I come.

While I mostly include fashion, beauty and mom-stuff on this list, I want to kick off my October loves with this amazing online course & coaching…

Lights Camera Branding

This is one of the best courses I have ever been a part of – and I have attended some pretty awesome in-person branding/marketing/PR conferences. For years I helped people get camera-ready for TV interviews and I was completely comfortable behind the scenes. Hopping on TV interviews was never fun for me, and thankfully I can count those on two hands. So the thought of going Live on Facebook was both exciting and anxiety-inducing. This course not only helped me overcome any feelings (I’m all about the lives now!) but it has been extremely beneficial in branding my business. And it has also given me many epiphanies and I cannot wait to share where my business & blog will be headed in 2019!

Okay, ladies, now lets get into the fun stuff!

Heads Up: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I personally love.


Latina peasant emroidered top - Megpie Boutique

Latina inspired top from Megpie Boutique

I love anything inspired by my cultura, and this top doesn’t disappoint! It has been years since I’ve worn an embroidered peasant top (cause they don’t always look the best on us curvy ladies!) but when I tried this on at a nearby fair I couldn’t resist. And Megpie has some really cute items!

Here are a few more options out there that are in this ever-so-adorable style:

Inkaas shoes

Inkkas Kicks

These shoes are life. They are handcrafted by artisans in Latin America and come in so many awesome designs. My husband and I found these at a little boutique in Bandera, TX and we were stoked they had pairs that fit us both! The high tops are his pick, low tops are mine. Not only are they super cute and comfortable (love my chucks, but these babies give my feet hugs) they are also fair trade and a tree is planted with every purchase. I love when my love of shopping can help others!

Here are a few different options I pulled together for your shopping pleasure….


Ruby Ribbon Ottoman Leggings

Ruby Ribbon Ottoman Leggings

Y’all know I love a good legging, but these are my favorite new pair! The moto design is so hip without being too trendy. But my favorite part is the amazing built-in shaping that comes with these leggings. Suck it in, girl, and eat all you want this holiday season with these leggings! And you can bend over and chase your toddler in them, too!

Black fringe tunic

Black fringe top from Megpie Boutique

I couldn’t resist leaving this off my list because it is seriously the most flattering top with leggings! I’ve already paired them with my denim leggings & booties and with my gray suedette leggings and ballet flats. Perfect length without being frumpy. I can’t find it on Megpie’s site so I am throwing in a few look-alikes…

Fav beauty products in October
Pixi Glow Tonic

Full disclosure: I’ve been using Glow Tonic since the summer but never got around to blogging about it, so I figured now is as good a time as any! Pixi Glow Tonic is one of my favorite beauty products ever. It has totally changed my face, which had dulled significantly after having my son. I would encourage every woman to give this a try!

Cover | FX Blurring Primer

This is the best primer I’ve ever used! And I have tried upwards of 50. I received a full size sample in my BoxyCharm (the BEST subscription box in my opinion) a few months back and just got around to opening it this month. I have been so happy with items from Boxy Charm, and this is just another item I never would have gotten around to buying on my own. This blurring primer does just that – it “erases” the look of my pores, helps keep my shine down and is a great matte formula without being hard to spread across my face. Love, love, love!

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

I am a total Mascara snob. There, I said it. I’ve been using the same $1.50 mascara from Mexico for years and it is the best I’ve ever used – from Dior to Maybelline, I have tried them all. And this month BoxyCharm is at it again! I always try my mascara samples in hope of finding a match – not that I don’t love spending $1.50 of my mascara, but trips to Mexico are few and far between now and I am down to my last tube! I was 100% surprised with IT Cosmetics’ mascara – it gives me the beautiful length and fullness I long for without that dreaded “falling” that usually happens by the end of the day. The only thing that don’t compete with my former Mascara lover (other than price) is that it won’t last past a day. But, my clubbing days are long behind me, so I can live with that!


DoTerra Kids Oils

DoTerra Kids Oil Collection

I’ve used DoTerra oils for years now (thanks, mom) but really was weary of using them on BabyCoolJ. Now that he is 3, and  a really tough kid, I was so grateful this handy dandy solution came out! You see, if you use oils on kiddos, you should dilute them. These are already diluted for me and put in roller balls. J is totally into them – and that “Calmer” one has helped with bedtime and nap! It’s the modern day mamas “put a splash of that in their bottle”….and totally okay for their health!

Okay, girls, we are almost at the end here! The last thing I want to share, but is really #1 on what I think every lady needs in her life….


Girl wash your face

Girl, Wash Your Face

If you haven’t picked this book up yet, stop what you are doing and order it on Amazon right now! It is the best, and really has helped motivate me. Rachel’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is and don’t-hold-anything-back (whoa that is a lot of dashes) personality is so perfect for every wife, mom, employee, girl boss, church go-er, friend, sister, daughter out there. Yup, that means you. She reminded me so much of all the things I need to overcome to CRUSH my goals. Between her and Coach Glitter I am a bundle of motivation and girl-power ready to take on the world!

There ya have it: my October favorites. If you want to see these in-person, hop on over to my Facebook Live as I share how these stole my heart this month! OH! And I’d love to hear what your favorite find was this month, drop that in the comments below.

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