Wardrobe edit, part 4: How to organize your shoes

How to organize your shoes

How it your wardrobe edit going so far?

If you are anything like me, you have wanted to jump ahead and get it all done. I promise, we are almost there!

Today I want to focus on shoe organization. Not everyone has as many pairs as me, but even with my husband’s small 5-shoe collection we still stick to these tips to keep his shoes organized and easy to find.

Here are 4 easy shoe organization ideas you can implement to streamline your closet:

Shoe Storage Bins

These Sterilite storage bins are my personal favorite method and I have used it since 2009 (I used to use the next idea below before that). Every pair of shoes go into it’s own plastic bin and they stack nicely in my closet. I’ve had them on the floor stacked (apartment), then high on my shelf (last house) and now they sit on shelves in my closet. It makes it easy to see them and keeps them in great condition!

Original Shoe Boxes

Before I had the money to spend on shoe storage bins (because, SO many shoes!) I used to keep all my shoes in their original boxes. I would snap photos of them and tape them to the shoe box so I could quickly locate the shoes. 


If you have an option to put in shelves (or even use a bookshelf), this is a MUST for any organized closet. I personally have my shoe boxes packed away on my shelves, but an alternative is to keep your shoes displayed openly on the shelves. The key is to interchange the way they are displayed (one facing out, one facing in) to maximize the space best….plus it looks life a star’s closet!

Storing Boots

There are tons of great boot options you can purchase out there (like these foldable boot boxes….I will be buying these soon!) but I have a simple hack that has worked for me for years…

I store my soft boots and booties in a large sterilite bin, and I put pool noodles cut in half in my tall boots. These keep them standing up and in great condition! And it is a super cheap & easy hack!

And, here’s a bonus tip on organizing: sort your shoes by type and season. I have all my kicks together, then wedges, booties, heels, etc.. Then I also separate them by open-toe, closed and sandals. 

Learn more (plus where my love of shoes came from) during my live today!

I hope these tips help you! I’d love to hear how it is going. And as always, feel free to drop your questions in the comments. I am here to help!

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