Wardrobe edit, part 5: Create outfits with this wardrobe planning app

There are a number of wardrobe and outfit planning apps out there. I used to use an app loyally a couple of years ago, then I lost all the data and they didn’t back it up! So now I have tried many different versions and have found the one that I highly recommend, YourCloset. I am not an affiliate, nor is this sponsored – it is just my favorite option available out there!

You should know I am an android user, so there may be a plethora of options I’m not even aware of. When looking for a wardrobe app (if you want to look around) read the reviews and figure out what is most important to you when selecting the app.

You may be wondering – what is a wardrobe planning app? In a nutshell, its an electronic wardrobe to catalog what you have, keep track of when you’ve worn certain garments and even style pieces together to create outfits.

My favorite wardrobe planning app

The app allows you to upload images of your outfits. Selfies help you remember how you look in an item, or hanging the garment is a quicker method. Plus if you take the background out, which is an option within the app, your images will look clean and easy to find. So many options!  You can also Google images to add to the app as well – this is a great option if you want it to look seamless and pretty!

Dresses - Categorizing your wardrobe

When uploading images, the app requires you pick a category and a subcategory. This is a great way to quickly sort through your catalog, and I love that YourCloset allows users to edit the options. In this season (#momlife) I use a diaper backpack so I deleted the handbag category. I’ve added many more to dresses and tops, too.

Some of the other apps I have used requires a ton of info (brand, size, category, color) and it was SO time consuming. I personally love YourCloset because of its simplicity. I don’t need all the details because I know exactly what the garment is by the photo.

Planning and tracking your wardrobe

Another feature I LOVE about YourCloset is the ability to create a look. When I am working with clients they have found it extremely helpful for us to work together to create outfits. Using the app allows them to browse their options then quickly scan for the item in their closet and be on their way. It is an amazing time saving hack!

YourCloset Trip Outfit Planning

YourCloset also has an option to add in trips (vacations, business trips) and you can create a whole wardrobe within your app. Again, a major time saving hack!

Be prepared, you will need some major time commitments in the beginning to add in your wardrobe. I always encourage clients to have a goal of doing this in 7 days. I, on the other hand, don’t take my own advice and have been a big slacker in adding my wardrobe. I’m still jaded from losing my entire wardrobe in the last app I used!

Wardrobe Stats

I can’t believe we are finally done with our 5-day wardrobe edit challenge!! It has been so fun and rewarding, and I hope you are feeling amazing and ready to slay 2019. In case you missed it, here are the other 4 days of wardrobe editing tips:

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Don’t forget to catch today’s live too!

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