Why building a personal brand can elevate your boutique’s marketing

Why building a personal brand can elevate your boutique's marketing

Have you built your personal brand while building your boutique’s brand?

I know for many, the thought of being front-and-center can make you want to pee your pants! So many business owners I know like being the Wizard (of Oz) and make magic behind the curtain.

What if I told you one of the keys to success is building your personal brand?

Yup, I said it. It’s okay – you can step away for a minute. But come back, you need to read this!

Bringing your personality into your boutique’s brand can be tremendous help to your marketing efforts. It can attract your ideal customer, keep current customers, give personality to your brand and my favorite: helps you stand out from everyone else.

There are a million boutiques out there. Thousands with merchandise just like yours, hundreds with pretty graphics. But no one has your awesome personality.

I challenge you to take a step back and examine your brand – your social media, website and emails. Is your personality sprinkled in? Do people know who owns your boutique?

Take some time to think about what you want your personal brand to encompass.

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For me, when people think of Lisa Alfaro, they think of: pink, fashion, statement earrings, humor, proud mom, Jesus.

That is all part of who I am and what I always infuse into my brand.

When someone is shopping at Target and sees something pink, I want them to think of me. Then they will remember they haven’t seen a post in a while and visit my page. They’ll see my latest offer and remember how much they like what I have to offer them AND my personality, and they will buy it.

Yup, it really can work like that! 

Keep in mind that while you want your brand to be your style and personality, you do not want your brand to be about you. Your brand should be a perfect balance of who you are and who your customer wants to be.

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If you are struggling with your personal brand, I would love to help. You can join my email list for additional tips and tricks, or just send me an email with your questions! 

And for more about this topic (plus my favorite branding from the 80’s), hop on over to my latest Facebook Live!

And remember this: your customers want to connect with you, the person behind your brand. Start sharing your personality, your loves, your style and your perspective.

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Personal Branding for boutiques and fashion brands #marketing #branding #boutique #fashion

Why building a personal brand can elevate your boutique's marketing #boutique #branding #socialmedia #fashion #style
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