Prioritizing confidence when you are a plus-size curvy girl


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Girl, no matter your size, you can find your inner confidence. I know it, I trust it. And while my story is about a former bushy-eyebrowed, unfashionable chubby girl, this is for any girl that may lack in self confidence.

I was blessed to grow up around people who made me feel worthy. My parents and extended family never held back on the compliments (except one uncle that used to love to tell me I was pretty….pretty ugly…haha!).

Don’t get me wrong – my childhood wasn’t all roses. When I was in 4th grade I was bullied so hard that I actually got sick, saw a counselor, daydreamed of committing suicide and was even taken out of school. As cliche as it sounds, it totally made me stronger. And later, my high school years were some of my best.

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I had no glimmer of self confidence again in my early 20’s when I was in a really bad marriage. It wasn’t easy, but I came out stronger in the end. I specifically share these two examples because I was stripped of all my self-worth through them. I was defeated, gained weight, felt ashamed and unloved. Then I packed my bags and ran away to New Zealand.


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What has helped me since that life altering experience are these simple things:

I don’t seek my confidence through others-even though I have an awesome husband and amazing friends, and a family that still makes me feel very loved. I do, however, stand tall. I respect others. I try to keep good posture. I always wear mascara. And I fake it till I make it on the bad days.  When things get tough it fuels me and helps me be more confident than ever.




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See? I even let my husband take pictures of me and slap them on the internet. When you’re not a slender girl, that takes a lot! And I am loving it. Because I get my confidence from myself and my fashion. That is where the key lies…

I encourage you to find your confidence in something that makes you feel beautiful. For some it may be makeup, or hair, or fashion like me, or even having a powerful job. Whatever it is, channel it girl! Get it, and embrace it. Because you are beautiful, you are worthy and you are loved.




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How to build your confidence | #confidence #selflove #howto #amerytina
Prioritizing confidence when you're a plus size curvy girl | #amerytina #confidence #plussize #curvy
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35 thoughts on “Prioritizing confidence when you are a plus-size curvy girl

  1. I love the message you are sending here. The fashion industry and TV, movies etc that portray beauty as being slim definitely have so much to answer for. I can certainly appreciate your story and admire you for overcoming everything, standing strong and sharing your confidence with others.

  2. You are beautiful. I love your heart lady- thanks so much for sharing it. I know what you mean – putting pictures up makes you volnerable! In other news I love that white floral dress- the sleeves are fab! <3 Jamie

  3. Oh gosh this post spoke to me!!
    I am battling a lot of these issues – mainly an internal battle.
    It is not easy but I am finding my groove 🙂

  4. You are absolutely stunning and I love the message in this post! Keep up the confidence because it is definitely shining through and inspiring!

  5. thank you so much for this, everyone needs to hear this.. not only the message about what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, but also the message to be confident and believe in yourself. it’s a strong message and i hope everyone can carry on the way you do. stay safe and be happy always! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Marya! I know everyone has had their own trials in life, it is about looking past it that can make all the difference. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  6. first off, you look FAB in all of these outfits! I love florals!! So glad you are so confident girl- i need to work on it!

  7. I love that you opened up like this. It’s amazing how putting on lipstick or mascara can give you extra confidence.

  8. Great post you look fabulous! The key is to remember that confidence and style is all about how you style your fashion pieces – not about clothing size or cost 🙂

  9. Not fitting the norm we know what it feels like to not be happy and have no selfworth it‘s a learning process and important that we talk about it so that young girls/boys that feel that way learn that everyone feels this way at some point and that you can get through it and learn to love yourself. I love the sentence by Ru Paul: if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else.
    By sharing your story you give strength and courage to others, thank you for that ❤️ You are a wonderful, power ful woman.

    1. Thank you so much, Regine! Your comment means so much to me. As bloggers it is our responsibility to be raw and share to help others, among enjoying the writing part 🙂 I love that quote!

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