Review: Water Wipes

I love being a part of Influenster. It allows me to try real products in exchange for my honest review, all for free!

This time around, Influenster sent me a pack of Water Wipes. I really dig how great these wipes work! Here’s the lowdown:

BabyCoolJ loves to make a huge mess, he’s a 1.5-year-old toddler after all! These wipes arrived just in time as we had run out of what we usually use for meals and general icky cleanups. We currently use separate wipes for bottoms, as we purchase monthly Honest Bundles for diaper changes.

We quickly used the Water Wipes during mealtime to clean our kiddos sticky fingers and messy cheeks. Worked like a charm. I love how thick the wipes are, as they don’t easily rip apart and are soft to the touch.

The following day, we spent a few hours outside playing with sidewalk chalk. The water wipes quickly wiped away any chalk remnants, and it even helped with a basic removal of chalk from his clothes. Our current hand/face wipes tear easily and we have to use multiple for what Water Wipes could fix with 1 wipe.

According to the Water Wipes website, these wipes are:

• Chemical free

• Suitable from birth

• May help avoid the causes of diaper rash

• Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance

• Hypoallergenic

Overall, these are a great option and we will probably be making the switch.

Full disclosure: these were never used on any bottoms. My review is solely about fingers and faces!

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