Step up your style with these rose gold Avoalre sunglasses

Step up your style with Avoalre sunglasses

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I’ve always had a thing for sunglasses. Being into fashion is more than just a cute top and shoes. So when I had the opportunity to pick a pair of sunglasses from Avoalre I was stoked!

After checking out the options, I went with Rose Wine. These radiant and trendy rose gold shades feature a metal frame, round-aviator hybrid shape and polarized lenses. I have always wanted sunglasses that have a rich reflection and these definitely fit the bill!

No matter the occasion, here are a few ideas to step up your style with Avoalre Rose Wine sunglasses.

Playdatee style with Avoalre sunglasses
Avoalre sunglasses in Rose Wine | Top (similar) | Ruby Ribbon Criss-Cross Capris | RR Original Cami | Blowfish Sandals (similar)

Between playdates and just getting my toddler out of the house, we stay pretty active. Which means comfort! I am all about looking cute no matter the occasion, and these Avoalre sunglasses elevate my style in a snap.

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Amerytina and son
Avoalre sunglasses in Rose Wine | Ruby Ribbon Top (similar) | RR Denim Leggings | RR Sheer Cami | Sandals (similar)

This outfit and sunglasses got me through a full day of festivities! I attended a Ruby Ribbon event in San Antonio that morning (with much cuter wedge heels!) and then made it back in time to grab dinner with my two favorite guys. Not only were my sunglasses cute and comfy all day, but they kept my eyes happy during the hour commute with our bright Texas sun beaming down on me!

Summer dress with some cool shades
Avoalre sunglasses in Rose Wine | BCBG Dress (similar) | RR Lace CamiCroft & Barrow Wedges

When I need to get ready quick, but look presentable, I’m all about dresses. This is one of my oldest dresses (like, 10 years!) but I still love it so much. And it is so versatile, it can really go with anything. This was on our way to dinner with my parents and I opted for wedges since I knew I wouldn’t have to chase my toddler!

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Three totally different styles, one pair of sunglasses. They tied-up each outfit so perfectly and are a great cool, summer accessory. And if rose gold isn’t your thing, Avoalre has many options for you to complete your look in style!

What’s your favorite accessory?



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Three ways to style Avoalre rose wine sunglasses #style #fashion #styletip #shopping #sunglasses #accessory
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