Small Business Marketing: How to serve your local audience

Has a friend ever asked you what to do in your town?

Tap into that knowledge as a business owner!

I was thinking of my latest blog post and the support I’ve received from local mom friends, and thought….why aren’t more businesses sharing their own local happenings?!
People love a good resource. And as a local business, wouldn’t you like to be that resource?

Have you ever googled things to do in your town? So are other people….why not get the traffic? You can create a blog post, a shareable graphic and/or a FB live video! BAM! You’ve served your audience, your potential audience and anyone else looking for things to do in your town.

So, in my effort to serve YOU – because that’s what I’m all about – I threw together a list of ideas to get you started on resources to share with your audience.

  1. Best date night spots in City
  2. City’s guide to best play grounds
  3. 123 events not to miss this Spring in City
  4. Fall fun & pumpkin patches in City
  5. Keep cool this summer at these City events
  6. 123 things to do in City besides (most popular activity)
  7. The perfect 3 day City itinerary
  8. The quirkiest/most romantic/fun AirBnB’s in City
  9. 123 best restaurants in City
  10. What to order at Restaurant in City
  11. City Food Guide: Try these special off-the-menu items at Restaurant
  12. Your City guide to the best burgers in town
  13. Eat like a local: Best spots to grab dinner in City
  14. Ultimate guide to mommy & me activities in City
  15. 123 free things to do in City (with kids)
  16. Best outdoor dining spots in City
  17. City Pet Guide: The best places to take your pets
  18. What to do on your next girl’s trip to City
  19. Explore these hidden treasures in City
  20. Where to grab coffee (and free WiFi) in City
  21. Day dates in City
  22. Brunch in the City: Your ultimate guide to brunch & bubbly in City
  23. 123 budget-friendly date night ideas in City
  24. 123 things to do with your kids in City
  25. CIty vacation guide for families/singles/couples
  26. Where to buy the best tacos/donuts/ice cream/anything you’re known for in City
  27. 123 magical things to do in City during Christmas
  28. 123 places to stay in City
  29. Plan your perfect daytrip to City
  30. 123 great daytrips from City
I hope this list can help you get started! I know it has my creative brain thinking!
Remember to change these up on how to serve your audience… You can create a blog post, a social media post, send an email, create a graphic or even go Live to share these ideas! Most importantly, have fun. And if you need any help finding events, let me know – I’m happy to share my secrets!


Speaking of sharing my secrets…whether you are looking to hire someone to make some branded graphics or you want to learn how to manage your own marketing and social media, I would love to help! I schedule free discovery calls weekly to see what your needs are and decide if we’re a good fit. Just drop me a message!
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2 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing: How to serve your local audience

  1. Awesome stuff. Please keep writing more things like this. I really like the fact you went so in depth on this and really explored the topic as much as you did. I read a lot of blogs but usually, it’s pretty shallow content. Thanks for upping the game here!

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