8 Valentine’s Day gifts for your toddler that don’t involve sweets

I’m the kind of girl that always got gifts from my parents for Valentine’s Day. Nothing extravagant or expensive, just a sweet “I thought of you” and usually included Reese’s and maybe a cute teddy bear.

I want to continue this tradition for my kiddo – except he does not eat sweets yet. I try to be pretty strict about his diet, and even though a burger or mac & cheese make the menu occasionally, sweets do not.

So I took to the inter-webs for all my window shopping. So for those mamas that want to show a little sugar to your toddler (without the added sugar), this list is for you.

8 Valentine's Day gift ideas for your toddler | lisaalfaro.com

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8 Valentine’s Day gifts for your toddler that don’t involve sweets:

1. I Heard Your Feelings flash cards

I love this so much, and what better time of year for this gift? It will teach your child empathy, and emotional and analytical skills. Let’s get our love on this February!

2. “Man of your dreams” baseball tee

So everyone can know who the true man of your dreams is. Ugh, so adorable!! And, for the girl mamas, here is a cute one for your sweetie.

3. Xoopar Mini Speaker

My kiddo loves music, but I don’t always want to have our living room TV on blasting some beats. This is adorable, portable and will give him a good jam anywhere. And, here’s a bonus: it comes with a remote to take selfies!

4. Janod Multicolored Train

I’m biased towards anything train because my kiddo loves them, but this is seriously adorable! Both boys and girls would love this, and with the pull-toy it will give lots of free time for mama.

5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George book

There are tons of cute Valentine’s books out there, but we happen to own this one and it is really cute! BabyCoolJ is really into Curious George so it was a win in our home.

6. Kaloo Janod Kubix 40 Letter and Number Blocks

This is a great educational set. Since we’ve been packing and downsizing I’m very intentional with items I buy, and this is also great for minimalists. It’ll be fun while teaching, and it all goes back into a cute package!

7. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

These are a huge hit at our house, especially for road trips! These sticker pads provide entertainment for hours. And because we save these specifically for road trips it is an extra special treat for him.

And, here’s a big ticket item if you are wanting to go all out this Valentine’s Day…

8. Little Bird Told Me Winston & Red Rocking Horse

Is this adorable or what?!! We’ve gone back-and-forth on getting BabyCoolJ a rocking horse, and if we were to get him one this is a winner. He loves rocking horses when he sees them, and I think that is a pretty universal thing with kiddos.

There you have it! A thoughtfully curated list of gifts I think your toddler may love. Now to decide on which one to get my little love.

Which is your favorite?





8 Valentine's Day gift ideas for your toddler | lisaalfaro.com
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    1. Thanks for sharing, I think it is a super sweet tradition. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year, but I’m looking forward to getting him something off this list 🙂

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